is SAG-AFTRA actor, writer, model, science geek, pop-culture nerd & animal lover.  A versatile actress, Laura enjoys jumping deep into troubled, dramatic characters and bouncing into quirky, comedic roles. She draws inspiration from many different artists, ranging from the endearing, classic charm of Audrey Hepburn, to the craft of Meryl Streep, to the fearless zaniness of Kristen Wiig and Amy Sedaris. Also, if she could have dinner with any dead celebrity, it would be Alfred Hitchcock or Orson Welles. 

  Born in Texas, & raised in Oklahoma, Laura considers her state loyalty in the "gray" area. (She has an affinity for big hair and Dr. Pepper, and yet, has equal passion for tunes from the classic Roger & Hammerstein musical "Oklahoma!")

  Her love of performing and making people laugh started at a young age. She often tormented her family with pranks and practical jokes; she owned a whoopie cushion, rubber chicken, & hand buzzer all by the age of 5.  She would perform for friends & family in sketch shows written by her older sister Sarah. It wasn't until Laura was in 3rd grade that she and her sister got their hands on "Dad's video camera" a.k.a. "The Spielberg", & filmed several VCR tapes worth of sketches (which will one day make incredible blackmail material, should it ever emerge on YouTube.) As she grew older, she also found herself attracted to complex, dramatic roles and tragic characters. 


Laura lives in Los Angeles, and lives fifteen minutes from the beach and never goes there. She studied acting at Playhouse West, reaching Advanced Level, and is a co-creator of the award winning sketch group “So Bad, It’s Good” which was awarded "Best Sketch" at the LA COMEDY AWARDS.  She also co-produced/co-wrote/co-starred in "Pads", an original series. She's also performed live at Chicago's "SketchFest", Westside Comedy Theatre, Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, and sometimes makes appearances on podcasts and at birthday parties.

In her downtime, Laura enjoys painting and drawing, writing, and a good ol' fashioned nap.  And if you give her a burrito, she'll be your friend forever. 


Working With Laura

Laura as "Perle" in Bona Fide


Clayton Farris - Writer/Director of "Bona Fide" 

"I originally saw Laura for a specific role in our project. She was so great we tailored a part just for her because we knew we had to have her. Her subtle comedic timing was a very welcome skill on set!" 


Randolph Zaini - Writer/Director of "Carnivore Supreme"

"Laura Denton is simply terrific. I’m glad she was on board in our comedic project. It was such a treat to work with her. She always showed up on time and well prepared with her role. Beyond that, she took direction like a champ and brought that extra freshness into the script, so you’ll be in good hands if you’d like to beat the page. Combine all those with her energy and excellent attitude, she’s a real keeper on the set."


Steven Kanter - Writer/Director of "The Blue Room"

"I was so incredibly grateful to have had her in the project, as her performance in front of the camera and her demeanor behind it were undoubtedly positive factors in the collaboration. Laura had a natural affinity for the character in the rehearsal stages and an understanding of the script that surpassed so many of the other actors in auditions. What Laura brings to her performance is certain “naturalness” or comfort, uncommon in many actors. For this particular character, Laura’s sense of comedic timing played strongly in Ruth’s almost comic awkwardness in the beginning of the film. To those who don’t know Laura’s background in comedy writing and improvisation, they would certainly be surprised after witnessing the psychological deconstruction her character undergoes throughout the film. Laura managed these heavy, mnemonic realizations with utmost honesty that is not just witnessed by the audience, but felt. Above all else, Laura’s optimism and positive nature in the professional and creative relationship strengthened not just the narrative, but also the other actors.  Working with Laura was an absolute pleasure, and I will not be surprised to see her excel in future, challenging roles."


Adam Wheeler - Director of "A New Day"

"Laura is an absolute pleasure to work with. She's a skilled actress and a spectacular human being. I've never worked with anyone as friendly, enthusiastic, and talented all in one package. I hope we can work together for years to come."


Lynn Gettman - Writer/Director of "Marginal Heights"

"I had the great fortune of casting Laura for a web series I wrote. She's done a magnificent job with her character. Beyond that, she shows up on set always ready, always smiling & always professional. She's a true team player. I'm grateful everyday we hired her." 



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Laura as "Perle" in Bona Fide