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Laura Denton

      Height: 5’7                                                                                          LauraCDenton@gmail.com
      Weight: 110 lbs.                                                                                                          918-645-5846
      Hair Color: Brown                                                                                   www.laura-denton.com
      Eye Color: Brown


        Carnivore Supreme                            Lead                                    Randolph Zaini
        The Blue Room                                    Lead                                    Steven Kanter
        One Guitar                                            Supporting                        Michael Park
        Technology                                           Lead                                    Steve McCurdy
        A New Day                                             Lead                                    Adam Wheeler
        A Long Walk                                          Lead                                    Jacob MacKenzie
        Daisen                                                    Lead                                    Josh Pickering
        Anonymous                                          Alex                                      Big Bad Robot Productions
        Bona Fide                                              Perle                                    Clayton Farris, Dir
        Mariginal Heights                               Brenda                                 Lynn Gettman, Dir
       The Body Archer                                  Fitness Model                    adverb Productions
       5 Hour Energy (spec)                          Fitness Model                    Sarah Gleeson, Dir
       Skinny and Pretty                                Cast Member
       Jen and Laura’s Sketch Show!           Cast Member
       SoBad-ItsGood.com                            Cast Member                                   
       Submissive Jesus                                  Sexy Dancer                       Mark Pirro, Dir
       Laughing Matter Improv                    Cast Member        
       Cartoon Hookups                                Blaze the Cat                     Winky Dink Productions
 Playhouse West: Robert Carnegie / Tracy Aziz – Meisner Technique, Scene Study
 Tim Phillips Studio: Tim Phillips – Audition Technique
 Singing For Your Soul: Kimberly Harrison – Singing, Voice/Speech
 Fishnet Follies: Flame Cynders – Chorus Girl/Burlesque Choreography
 Laughing Matter Improv: Andy Axewell – Improv, Character Work
 Painting, Drawing, Trumpet (intermediate), Basketball, Singing, Modeling, Chorus Girl/Burlesque Dancing, Photography, Paintballing, Drives Stick Shift


© Copywrited (but not really. I can't afford that. I got bills to pay.)​​